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Bad, bad kitty
Ophelia, Ophelia, where are you, you gluey tart?
fic - An Apology 
14th-Jul-2008 09:01 pm
floatng ran
I am frustrated. I just got a shiny new MacBook (so shiny!), but I can't use it because first I need to hook the ancient iMac to Airport, but the iMac is only updated to system 10.3.9, and Airport requires 10.4, which apparently I have to buy. There are various details that would explain why there aren't other options, but surely that was already boring enough.

But ON A HAPPIER NOTE, my delightful writing project with vom_marlowe has inspired me to scribble out an absolutely unprecedented amount of Yoji/Aya slash (and Aya/Yoji, for those who keep track of these things). A certain number of these stories are PWPs that make my inner eight-grader sigh happily. Well, some people want to fill the world with silly love songs. (Good lord, I can't believe I quoted that song. I hate that song. The sap is dissolving my brain...)

Anyway, you've been warned. If you're in the mood to indulge your inner eighth-grader too, come on and join me!

Story: An Apology of Sorts
Author: Kinukitty
Rating: R or 15-ish,maybe, for language and innuendo
Word count: 1,935
BTW: Weiss Kreuz is owned by Project Weiss.
Summary: The moon, the stars, and a bottle of whisky. Sometimes things work out for the best, after all. (Y-A slash, short on plot, long on sentiment.)

"There you are," Yoji said, letting the door slam behind him as he walked out onto the roof. Aya looked annoyed at that, but God damn it, Yoji's arms were full and everything annoyed Aya anyway.

"Little cold up here," Yoji said conversationally, setting down a plastic bag and spreading out a blanket on the best part of the roof, where you could lie on your back and see the city through an opening between two buildings. Trust Aya to pick the draftiest spot with no view at all. "Come sit with me. I brought supplies." Aya was ignoring him, which was hardly a surprise. "Aya, it's kind of cold. Come over here, out of the wind. I've got a blanket. And some really good whisky. Come sit with me." Here, kitty, kitty, stubborn fucking kitty... Yoji rummaged in the bag and brought out the bottle.

"I came up here to think."

"You can think while you're sitting on the blanket and having a drink. Now get your petulant ass over here."

Aya grumbled but did it anyway.

"How are you doing?" Yoji figured he might as well just get to it.

"You knocked my fucking tooth out!" Aya clamped his mouth shut and stared resolutely at the horizon. Nothing like a good, whiny tantrum to rain on your untouchable tough-guy image.

"Jesus fuck, Aya, I said I was sorry. It was an accident. The action was getting pretty thick, you know?" Yoji sighed and took a swig from the bottle. "Besides, that guy was getting way too damned close with his big-ass knife, so I still did you a favor." Time for the eye-roll -- yup; Aya seldom disappointed. Not that way, at least.

"That's not how I remember it," Aya said, reaching for the bottle. And thank God. He was a hell of a lot easier to deal with when you got some liquor into him.

"Well, if you'd seen him, you wouldn't have let him get that close, would you?" Yoji looked at Aya's profile, taking in how miserable he looked. Yoji did feel bad. It had been a freak thing. He'd kicked out to knock the knife out of the guy's hand, and his heel had slammed into Aya's mouth. Lucky he hadn't broken his jaw, too. "At least it wasn't a front tooth. Doesn't, you know, mar your scenic beauty."

Aya gave him a very impressive glare, then took another swallow of whisky. At this rate, he should be getting personable any time now.

"Hurts like a son of a bitch," Aya finally said.

"Not as much as it would have if I'd let him gut you with a fillet knife."

"Did it occur to you to just warn me? Yell out 'to your left,' or something?"

"It wasn't a fucking bike path, Aya. The bastard was about to kill you, no lie. I reacted. I'm not going to apologize any more. Get over it."

Aya glared again, took another drink, and eased himself down on the blanket. Although he hadn't bitched about anything but the tooth, Yoji knew Aya had taken quite a few hits and was probably hurting all over. Having come in at the end of it, Yoji had fared much better. He took a good couple of mouthfuls from the bottle and lay down, a little too close, but he didn't think Aya would fuss. "Good view, huh? This is the perfect spot."

Aya grunted in agreement. Yoji turned to look at him again and was surprised, as always. So fucking pretty.

"Do you think we should order some zygonaria orchids?" Aya asked. "Nobody carries them around here. I think they'd sell."

So fucking weird. "Would you mind drawing me a map of where that came from? Because your thought process isn't exactly obvious."

Aya looked at him for a second, then back up at the sky. "My sister. She went to a dance. A few weeks before the explosion. Her date brought her zygonaria orchids. She was so happy." He sighed. "She really liked that guy."

"Almost there. Maybe two more sentences."

"I was thinking... Never mind."

Was Aya embarrassed? This was worth investigating. Something had made Aya think of his sister and the date, which had let to the orchids. What had they been talking about? That stupid brawl earlier tonight, him knocking Aya's tooth out... He didn't think there was anything else. What had he said just before? Oh, yeah, that this was the perfect spot. He looked over at Aya again, who was staring at the stars and looking a million miles away.

"Should I bring you orchids? I figured you'd prefer Dewar's." Hey, you couldn't blame a guy for trying.

"This isn't a date."

"Could be. You know?"

Still staring off into the distance, Aya shook his head. "No."

"No, this couldn't be a date, or no, you don't know?" Yoji laughed. He loved these little guessing games. Aya came on all straight-forward, but he couldn't actually tell you anything that wasn't about a mission to save his life.

"I don't know."

"You don't know because whisky on the roof seems dubious as a date, or because you can't quite see going on a date with me?"

Aya shook his head.

OK, then what did that leave? "You don't know because you don't know what a date is?" He'd just thrown that one out to yank Aya's chain and was surprised when he answered.


"You've never been on a date?"

Aya shook his head. He eased himself up onto his elbow and took the bottle again. "No."

Yup. Weird. "But you have -- uh -- done other things?"

"What other things?"

"Well -- sex, obviously. Of course, you can easily do that without dating. Especially if..." Yoji trailed off. Perhaps he was going too far.

"Especially if what?"

"If you're, you know, good-looking. Which you are." That sounded kind of half-assed, but still a damn sight better than what he'd been about to say.

Aya snorted. "Whatever." He took another drink, and another.

Yoji gently prized the bottle from his hand -- he'd had enough for the moment.

"Queer. You were going to say queer, weren't you?"

Yoji, on the other hand, could use another drink. He took another big swallow, then put the bottle down. Out of Aya's reach. "Doesn't bother me," he finally replied. "You're the one that has to angst over everything." Aya and his deep, dark secrets.

"Is that why you said that, about a date? Teasing me?" Aya was frowning.

"I wasn't teasing you. I was flirting with you."

Aya sat up and faced him, looking confused. "But--"

"That's how flirting works. You lay on some innuendo, leave things unsaid, get the other person to thinking. You start out light, and then you turn up the heat a little. Maybe something like this." He sat up and took Aya's hand, which was shaking. Damn, you just never knew. Slowly, Yoji traced his lips over Aya's knuckles, which were rough with scabs. He looked up at Aya through his lashes to check how that had gone over. It was looking good, although Aya was probably capable of a pretty devastating freak-out right about now. Still, you can't win if you don't play. Of course, you'd be less likely to get decapitated...

Holding onto Aya's hand, he scooted closer. "Now, that was still flirting, but here's where we start to cross a line." He tugged Aya toward him and pressed his lips to his ear, mouthing the outer edge and biting gently on the earlobe. Too bad he was on the wrong side for the earring -- he liked the earring. "How we doing so far?" Yoji whispered.

Aya didn't say anything, just sat there, stone-still, holding himself as if he might break.

"You never did say, you know." Yoji pulled Aya back against him, not quite in his lap, but that was within reach if Aya didn't flip out.

It took at least thirty seconds for Yoji's statement to sink in. He used the time to run his lips over Aya's neck, not quite kissing, but certainly not innocent. He could feel Aya's pulse pounding, just underneath that soft, white skin.

"I didn't say what?"

"What you hadn't done. Let's make it a game, OK? I'll do things, and you can tell me if you've done it before. " Yoji sucked insistently on Aya's earlobe, applying his tongue judiciously. He heard Aya's breath catch in his throat. "Well?"

Aya made a small, questioning noise.

Yoji smiled to himself. "Has someone done that to you before?"


No? Yoji had really intended to start out with an easy one. He took Aya's other hand and kissed a couple of deeper cuts, then ran his lips gently over the bandage at the base of his thumb. "What's this?"

"My hand?"

"Nobody likes a smartass. The bandage."

"Oh. I was in a hurry." Aya held his arms up and mimed sheathing his sword.

"Fucking ow," Yoji said, grimacing. "Stitches?" He turned the hand over and started kissing Aya's palm.

"Seven. It wasn't my best night."

"Is it getting better? Your night, I mean?"

"What are you doing, Yoji?"

"Playing a game, remember? What about this?" He licked Aya's palm and down over his wrist, eliciting a small sigh.


"And this?" Yoji leaned over Aya and kissed his throat. When he didn't meet any resistance, he started sucking the skin in through his teeth. Aya let him make a pretty good mark before answering no again. But this time, his voice sounded different. Damned if Yoji wasn't making some headway. "I need to beat you up and get you drunk more often," he muttered.

Yoji changed his focus slightly, carefully pressing his lips to Aya's, avoiding the bruised and swollen side. Aya didn't move at first, just lay there and let Yoji kiss him. Then Aya grabbed his shoulders, knocking him backward and kissing back frantically. Yoji got on top of him, taking most of his weight on his forearms, and showed him how it was done.

Yoji wanted nothing more than to see how far Aya would go, right here, right now, and while that really was a nearly flawless idea, if he could get Aya down to his room, he might get a whole night out of it. He pulled away reluctantly, memorizing how Aya looked, flushed and panting, flat on his back. "Game over," Yoji whispered, running his thumb along Aya's jaw. "Come downstairs with me, all right?"

Aya's eyes fluttered open. He looked confused.

"Anyone ever ask you to come back to their room?"

Aya nodded.

"You ever do it?"

He shook his head.

"Come back to my room with me. Please." Yoji had said that word many times, but he doubted he'd ever meant it the way he did now.

"You don't have to go that far to find out what else I haven't done. I'll tell you."

"We're not playing anymore, I said. Come downstairs. Let me make up for the tooth."

"Yoji, not even you have that much juice."

Yoji laughed. "Oh, I think you'll find out that's not quite true. Come on. Let me show you."

Aya looked over Yoji's shoulder, staring at the night sky. Finally, his gaze shifted back to Yoji. "OK. Show me." Slipping from underneath Yoji, he rocked gracefully to his feet and headed for the door. He stopped and turned around, touching the side of his face ruefully. Giving Yoji one more look, he opened the door and started down the stairs.
15th-Jul-2008 02:27 am (UTC)
ZOMG - I remember the Airport Gap. If possible, just use a flash drive to move things. Or bribe someone who enjoys that sort of thing. Otherwise, you're likely to take a katana to something. (the only reason I *didn't* was that I don't have one!)

Good luck!
18th-Jul-2008 06:40 pm (UTC)
Thanks for everything! I got the disk yesterday (cute envelope!), and it was so sweet of you to help me out! And I am now using my new computer and wireless! It was harrowing, but hopefully all will be well now.
15th-Jul-2008 03:16 am (UTC)

This is really great, I love this lighter fics in the middle of angst!sea

Beautiful, thanks a lot for sharing ;)
18th-Jul-2008 06:42 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I get tired of the angst sometimes. It's too hot for that stuff right now, at least where I am. I never tire of getting Aya and Yoji together, though.
15th-Jul-2008 09:14 am (UTC)

I knew I had to check my flist from time to time, you updated a lot.
I read this one (because I couldn't wait) and loved it and now I wish I could spy through Yohji's window to check how things proceed. Is not that you are going to provide us an – uh – in depth report?
I'll save YAJR and Disclosure for later. And I'll check my lj more often.
I hope everything is well for you.
18th-Jul-2008 09:05 pm (UTC)
Good to hear from you!
We'll have some actual sex up soon, no worries.
I hope you're having a good summer!
15th-Jul-2008 12:02 pm (UTC)
sweet slow seduction, nnnhh! *,*

i'd love to read more of the sap! ;D
18th-Jul-2008 09:06 pm (UTC)
Thank you! There's definitely more sap on the way.
15th-Jul-2008 01:08 pm (UTC)
Gah. don't stop there, that's just teasing me. Lol, Yohji knocked out Aya's tooth, for some reason I find that kinda funny. It doesn't seem like something trained assasins would end up doing to a partner.
18th-Jul-2008 09:07 pm (UTC)
Don't worry, there's more action to come (as it were), believe me.

I figure that with the kind of work they do, there are bound to be cock-ups now and again. And I imagine Aya would be petulant about it, too.

Thanks for commenting!

15th-Jul-2008 03:17 pm (UTC)
Oh, I needed that. This was my remedy for the poster-session class I had last night and it worked.

I love how Yoji is sort of apologetic about the tooth thing, but not really. Aya is grumpy and grumbly and then warms. It's all so endearing and it made me ridiculously happy. It's sweet but it also has all that embarrassing worrying high school romance undertone, which makes it my favorite sort of story. *happy sigh*
18th-Jul-2008 09:11 pm (UTC)
Thank you, and I'm glad you liked it! This is the first of the pact stories. I'll post the next one too; I was going to send it to you but forgot, what with all the tooth and Internet excitement. I'm still going to send you the high school story, too. I'm home today and have spent the whole time sleeping (wonder why?!!?) and talking to the fine folks at Apple. But NOW -- now, the world is my oyster. (Although I'd prefer that the world be my crab cake, because I'm not much for oysters, really.)
(Deleted comment)
18th-Jul-2008 09:11 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
16th-Jul-2008 02:22 am (UTC)
Wow - I just got an iMac today. This is my first time online, but I don't have DSL yet, so we're dialing up and everything's slooooooow...

I was thinking about getting an Airport thing (the middle one) whenever I got a laptop (several months) - maybe even a Windoze laptop, it doesn't have to be special - but that won't be for a while. But the Airport thing is supposed to be better now (so they told me).


Poor Aya. He is so screwed up, and I'm sooo sympathetic.
18th-Jul-2008 09:14 pm (UTC)
Setting up Airport was a fretful chore, but apparently I was a special case and it's usually really easy on a new machine. I seem to have resolved my issues (well, my Airport issues), and I am enjoying my new freedom.

Poor Aya, indeed. I was wondering if anyone saved his tooth in milk to implant later, or if he already got it done, or if that wasn't possible and he was just going to be minus a molar. He didn't tell me.
29th-Jul-2008 02:49 am (UTC)
haha Aya's tooth~ I was like 'no way! yohji didn't do that!' XD
that was really funny to imagine... but please tell me, you're not stopping there? coz that would totally kill me, it looks so promising... Yohji has his way but only coz Aya lets him~! ^^ wouldn't wanna tell him that to his face doh~;;

n you've got new macbook? heard it's really cool~ but I wouldn't know a thing about it coz I've never used it before.. hope its coming on well
29th-Jul-2008 03:43 am (UTC)
Thank you!

Yoji doesn't seem especially sorry, either. I may do another installment of this one, as soon as I clear out some of the backlog. It is a promising set up.

The MacBook angst has been resolved. I love my new MacBook. I'd wanted a laptop for years. Now I am free!