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Bad, bad kitty
Ophelia, Ophelia, where are you, you gluey tart?
September 18th, 2010 
floatng ran
Happy birthday, vom_marlowe!

I would say you probably didn't think I'd ever finish this, but I am absolutely certain you did not remember the first half of this story existed. (Jump into the way back machine, right this way -- then get yourself some closure, below.)

Story: Control Freak, 2 of 2
Author: Kinukitty
Rating: R for this half
Word count: 4,500
BTW: Weiss Kreuz is owned by Project Weiss.
Summary: Aya's injured during a mission, and Yoji, channeling an REO Speedwagon song, just can't fight this feeling any more. (You say cliche, I say classic.) I have finally finished this story, which I started last year for Vom Marlowe's birthday. The first part is here.
Warnings: Language, violence. Nothing I think of as kink, though, for better or worse.

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